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Aliens & Nerd's Eye View LLC

aliens 2016-02-24 ~ Lookie here, my first update in well over a year. Nothing in all of 2015. Just wanted to leave a fun little meme I created of myself (yes, I'm very funny). Also, Nerd's Eye View, LLC is up and ready to take your money. If you need any help w/ Linux don't be afraid to just call moi.

Nagios Plugin: Check File Size

2014-09-04 ~ I created a Nagios plugin to monitor the size of a particular file. Click here to read all about it.

Beets by Dre

beets by dre 2014-07-09 ~ I created this internet meme (pronounced may-may) back in January. I had just received new juicer for Christmas and was juicing everything and anything under the sun. I thought I would try some beets (they're earthy - which is a euphemism for tastes like dirt). While staring at these beets in the refrigerator I thought if they were draped over my head they would look like head phones. Shout out to Gimp for helping me manipulate my image without a licensing fee.

iPhone to Android

2013-11-07 ~ I made the jump from the iPhone 4s to the Galaxy 4S this month. First thing I did was root my phone and might I just say the term brick is being thrown around way too losely these days. So far I like what I see, but I'm not happy with Verizon. Their boot loaders are locked and encrypted making it impossible to run custom kernels and thus custom ROMs. But that major point aside I'm really enjoying Android. I love "sshdroid" and "rsync backup for android" although at the moment I'm having issues with rsync. I can get rsync on the phone to pull all my Music files from my Fedora box but subsequent pulls aren't pulling the diffs; it's trying to re-pull everything. I tried rsync with the --checksum argument and it still having issues. According to the wikipedia page on rsync: rsync uses the modify time and the file size as it's means for identifying a change. When I ssh into my phone via sshdroid and do a stat on the transferred file I can see the mtime and the size are identical. I'm not convinced that I've hit a bug yet. I'm not sure what file format the SD card is on the phone; it's probably fat32 and I wonder if that's playing a role in this issue. I will post more after I figure out the problem.
Update: 2014-02-06 ~ I finally got some time to look into this rsync issue I was having. I formated my microSD card ext4 and would you believe my Android phone told me it was an unrecognizable disc format?!! A linux O.S. couldn't read ext4? This can't be an Android thing; it has to be Verizon or Samsung. The phone re-formatted the microSD card fat32. So, now I'm back to the same problem. I started googling "rsync ext4 to fat32/vfat" and found a solution involving an rsync flag "--modify-window=1". Apparently this flag is more forgiving when determining modified time due to vfat's limited and less granular time stamping. So far so good; all rsyncs are behaving as I want/expect. I did read that this solution will fail, i.e., have to re-sync all files, twice per year during daylight savings time adjustments. I can live with that.

Wordpress = not fun

2013-03-29 ~ May I say that I don't like wordpress as a content management system? The amount of spam you get from bots is god awful. All in all, I'd much rather keep things simple. So, goodbye wordpress.

How to fight forum spam.

2012-11-16 ~ forum spam is a real problem.

System Perl - Don't mess with it!

2012-08-28 ~ Note to self: don’t mess with system Perl.

Dynamic DNS

2012-08-19 ~ Some thoughts on Dynamic DNS or DDNS.

Microsoft, you pretentious son of a bitch.

2011-12-03 ~ My Windows XP machine is having problems. So, I used my Mac to browse the internet to try and solve said problem. While investigating I stumbled upon a microsoft.com knowlege base article and what I saw there provoked a significantly negative emotional response. Notice the "System Tip" section? Microsoft.com noticed I was using a Mac to access their article and didn't display the information I was looking for. I don't know what I'm complaining for: at least they told me they altered the content based off of my User-Agent. Luckily my Windows XP machine wasn't in such a horrible state that it couldn't access that page. I pointed a browser (on my XP box) to that exact same URL and bingo, the content I wanted was there.

Halo: Reach. Everybody's doing it.

2011-01-04 ~ Happy New Year. Motivated by all the Halo: Reach I've been playing over the holidays I created this Halo: Reach Ranks page. Enjoy.

Spangle Tech Notes

2010-11-19 ~ I've decided to try keeping a web site (again). I'm thinking it's just going to limit the contents of this site to just my technical notes (mostly for my own reference). I'm also going to keep it pretty simple (all flat html versus cgi).

I'm going to start with the notes I recorded on how to configure Postfix to work with Verizon FIOS's SMTP servers.

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